Hello there

I have 6+ years experience as a UX/UI Designer. I specialise in web applications, big complex logged-in environments with lots of moving parts.

I like being involved in all parts of the design process, from sketching  to user testing, ideation to QA. I like the big picture as well as the nitty-gritty.

I love working in teams and have plenty of experience leading and coaching junior designers. But I've also done my fair share of one-man-band operations, no problem managing projects on my own.

I know a little bit of code, and get along great with developers. I enjoy setting up design systems, component libraries and neat documentation. I always consider the cost-effectiveness of design solutions from a dev perspective. I love working in agile and lean environments.

I'm a huge Sketch nerd and crazy organised. I sketch out everything on paper first, and I take lots of notes. But I'm very pragmatic, and don't waste time pushing pixels when a rough draft is what is needed.

My interest in how environments can be shaped to affect human behaviour is not just a work thing - I love reading books about behavioural economics, psychology, evolution, science, politics and data (also dragons, but a bit less relevant maybe).

Teaching digital skills to the masses

UX and UI design for the second release of the award-winning Digital Garage, making courses more engaging and giving users a sense of progress

Helping Youtube make sense of their own data

UX Design for an analytics tool for internal use at Youtube, helping them spot early trends and better analyse niche audiences

A gamified educational platform

UX and UI Design for a rich online learning platform, using gamification to get students to apply themselves to extra-curricular activities

Creating photobooks in the browser

UX and UI Design for a web app that allows users to customise and create complex artwork for photobooks, calendars and other products

A native app connecting movers and drivers

UX and UI design for a new service which connects drivers and people moving their stuff from A to B

Online banking for small and medium businesses

Redesigning the entire online banking experience for SME customers in the UK, from wireframes through to prototyping and user testing

Real-time payments for corporate customers

Translating technical guidelines and Clearing House recommendations into a set of UX best-practises for a new type of payment service