Early sketches: cards and decks
Early sketches: challenges
Early sketches: natural language form logic

A gamified educational platform

Vivo started off as a simple rewards tool. I joined the team as they started pivoting to an ambitious new release, which featured gamification, geo-targeting, social networking, marketplaces, and behaviour nudging.

I was responsible for product design, working closely with the CEO to design new features, as well as user journeys, interface UX and subsequently guiding the design and development team on implementation.

Teachers and school administrators would share content with groups (cards, or a collection of cards which are called decks). These could be videos, articles, activities, volunteering opportunities or events.

Students would get points as they completed these and each point was tagged with the skills they developed. So at the end of the year, you could look at Susie's profile and see that she had a lot of points in science, meditation and kindness. While Mary had a lot of points in leadership, music, and diligence.

Administrators could also set up challenges based on tags or specific decks and attach prizes as rewards for the winners. The challenge rules were varied and complex so I designed a natural language form where admins could use dropdown menus to change the sentence into the rules of the challenge itself: "First 5 students to get 100 points".

I also designed UX solutions to curb cheating (always a problem with gamification), such as third-party validation and a ranked point system.