Early sketches: customer booking a move

Early sketches: driver browsing available jobs
Early sketches: user journey mapping for both user types

A native app connecting movers and drivers

In this pitch concept, I was tasked with designing the experience for both the customers and movers for an on-demand moving service.

The app allows users to quickly select a pick-up and destination, how much space they'll need and whether they need extra help (such as moving boxes, packing or disassembling furniture). The price quoted is updated as the user selects each choice.

I designed it with iOS in mind, but used mostly Material Design UI patterns so it could be easily adapted to Android.

I first outlined a general user journey for a "day in the life" of a person moving house, as well as a mover helping someone else in order to outline the main bits of information each would need to easily complete their tasks.

As part of my research, I looked into a number of other apps for inspiration, such as Task Rabbit and Citymapper, and collected specific features from each that I thought could be useful for this project.