Teaching digital skills to the masses

I joined the project after user research from the first release showed a lack of engagement from users after watching the first video, despite highly rating the content. The issues we uncovered were mostly caused by users feeling a bit lost, not knowing where to start or what to do once they finished watching a video.

A sidebar was added to the topic page, showing all lessons within a certain topic. The sidebar shows the users which lessons they have finished, and where they are in relation to everything. Adding a tick next to the lessons gives users a sense of progress, minimising drop off before completing the journey.

We also allowed users to bookmark lessons and skip to the exam (for the users who thought the topic was too easy, but wanted to get the final certification). Other improvements include adding the length of each exercise and lesson, balancing the screen real-state so the main elements are above the fold without cluttering the interface, and changing rules of exam revision so users wouldn't try to brute force their way into passing exams.

The Digital Garage went on to win a number of awards and translated into more than 50 languages.